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Forgotten Boardwalk



*People are constantly asking what my favorite beer brewed in NJ is, so I figured it was about time I answered this question. Wait. You know what? I don’t think I’m gonna do that. Better yet, I’ll list my Top 5 Jersey beers, in random order! (I’ve excluded any #JerseyBeer I can’t remember drinking…) I kinda sorta maybe quite possibly stole the featured pic from @CasaskullMark, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind… #1? Or… #5? No one knows. Kane Head High IPA 6.5%  This beer is ridiculously awesome. Everything aboutRead More

Forgotten Boardwalk #TweetUp

Come one, come all, to the NJ/PA “Tweet-Up” at the Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery July 31st 2016! The festivities kick off at Noon EST, in Cherry Hill, NJ. Enjoy some delicious beer while meeting some of your favorite and least favorite local Tweeps! Beer and games in a fun atmosphere, what else could you ask for? Don’t worry, no need to ask, there’s more! 12-1pm: @CrazyKegs will dazzle you with his juggling skills, all while giving @CasaSkullMark a piggyback ride around the brewery! 12pm-whenever: @jwags48_jack is hosting a demonstration on howRead More

NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) VS PA (Evil Genius) Part 1

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I reallllly like a tap takeover. It’s like a very specific teeny tiny beerfest but you don’t have to try everything (but you should try your best) and you remember it the next day.  Well, as if one brewery taking over the taps isn’t enough, Cheers SJ presented this awesome event at Fins in Cape May where there were two breweries taking over taps. It was a NJ vs PA Smackdown and I was rooting for both “teams”.  I am an Army brat,Read More

Forgotten Boardwalk ‘On The Waterfront IPA’

I took the lady on an impromptu date night to the Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery. Turned out to be such a fun night, we’ll be heading there again in the near future. If you haven’t gone there yet, you are missing out. Great, friendly people, very knowledgeable, and they have skee-ball and board games to play while you’re drinking some tasty treats. I tried the ‘On The Waterfront’ session beer while I was there. Now, as I have stated before, I’m not the biggest fan of sessions, but this was fantastic.Read More

Forgotten Boardwalk ‘On The Waterfront’

I haven’t exactly made it to many breweries. As of now, that number is currently one. It just so happens that brewery is Forgotten Boardwalk. This was my second trip, but I primarily went to grab a Growler of ‘On The Waterfront’, their session IPA offering. I’m pretty sure I had tried it at a beerfest, but you probably know how beerfests go… Yeah, like that. I’ll start by saying, the brewery itself is pretty cool. There’s just a chill vibe from the moment you walk in, the decor isRead More

Forgotten Boardwalk ‘1916 Shore Shiver IPA’

I never came across any of their beers before I went to an event at the Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery. The event itself had a great turnout, the place was packed. I tried a few of their brews and decided to get a 1916 sixer to go. It’s a good beer. Nice flavor, isn’t overly done. Goes down easy. Overall, it’s a good beer to give a shot. But if you can, you should definitely check out their brewery. They have a sweet set up there and the staff was extremelyRead More

Forgotten Boardwalk ‘1916 Shore Shiver IPA’

I’ve heard of Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery, just never came across any of their brews. I don’t get out much. Then I happened upon 1916 Shore Shiver IPA on tap. I had to try it, obviously. You could do a lot worse for an IPA. Nice and hoppy, good taste, not overly strong. I’ll have another please. I’m looking forward to checking out the other offerings at their brewery soon. Very soon. The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Keg Rating. I’d like to go 3.5 Kegs, but we weren’t smartRead More