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Double IPA


Bolero Snort’s Crooked Labulls

Happy Memorial Day!  This week, I wanted to share my opinion of one of the more sought after beers to be recently released, Bolero Snort’s Crooked Labulls Double IPA.  Most craft beer enthusiasts are aware that Bolero Snort (Ridgefield Park, NJ) is a contract brewer and for the past year, they have enlisted Double Nickel Brewing (Pennsauken, NJ) to brew their beers.  Although Bolero Snort has put out very few Double IPAs, Crooked Labulls seems to have hit a home run with its balance of hops and citrus.  This probablyRead More

Evil Genius ‘Han Shot First’

When: 12/30/16 Where: Rastelli Market Fresh Why: You know why… Price: $11.99 on a six pack I was out doing my thing, grabbing what I needed to make chili for New Year’s Eve, when I spotted ‘Han Shot First’ from @EvilGeniusBeer. This isn’t generally a place I grab beer, they’re usually a little pricier than the usual spots I frequent, but when I saw this beer on the shelf I couldn’t resist. I had to have it. For those of you not familiar with the area: Grocery stores that sellRead More

Bootleg Fireworks 3rd Edition

I like big cans and I cannot lie!  Enter Baxter Brewing Companies tall boy can of Bootleg Fireworks. In case you’re not already on the #ShowUsYourCans bandwagon, you should know that cans are really like nanokegs and other than drinking it from a just tapped keg, it’s the best vessel for your beer.  Besides this, I just think that can graphics are better than bottle labels and the artwork on this one is pretty cool. This is a Double IPA with loads of flavor.  According to the can, it’s brewedRead More

Bent Kettle Brewing

I got a nice package from my girl Donna, you might know her as @zappafaye on Twitter. In it were these 3 beers from Bent Kettle Brewing, a brewery that is making it’s mark in it’s home base of  Wisconsin. The beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, which I happen to dig a lot.  Donna  has “connections” in the Wisconsin beer scene, because she’s cool like that.  AND because she’s cool, she’s a sharer.  Anyway, I’m sure you are aware of my can obsession and have seen my favorite hashtag #ShowUsYourCans.Read More