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Coronado Brewing Company Tap Takeover

I love a tap takeover.  It’s a good way to try a bunch of beers from the same brewery without having to actually go the brewery.  If you can, get yourself to one.  In my area, I keep up to date with these events through @CheersSJ (Kramer Beverage Company).  I saw this event coming up at Fins in Cape May and alerted my “crew”.   Coronado Brewing is across the country in California and the chances that I’ll make it to the brewery in the near future are slim toRead More

Coronado Brewing ‘Mermaid’s Red’

I’m not exactly into the “Reds”, or Amber Ales, however you like to refer to them. Maybe it’s my fear of Gingers? We’ll never know. It’s generally just not a style of beer I’m apt to pick up, well, ever. You know how it goes though: 1. You make Sausage & Peppers one time with Coronado Brewing Company’s ‘Orange Avenue Wit’. 2. It turns out fantastic. 3. Coronado’s Twitter Rep recommends their ‘Mermaid’s Red’ for homemade burgers. 4. You Tweet that if you ever see ‘Mermaid’s Red’ in the store,Read More

Coronado Brewing ‘Orange Avenue Wit’

A good Wit makes the World go round. That’s the saying, right? If it’s not, it should be. Okay, enough of my nonsense, for now anyway… I recently grabbed a sixer of ‘Orange Avenue Wit’ from Coronado Brewing Company to give it a whirl. A good Wit makes the World go round, remember? I know I’ve tried it at a beerfest at one point or another, but there are so many flavors that get built up in the cup, you never really get an accurate taste of the brews. SoRead More