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Coney Island Brewing ‘Freaktoberfest’

I don’t dig Pumpkin Beer. There, I said it, I’m glad that’s out of the way. This one was sneaky though, as Coney Island Brewing tossed ‘Freaktoberfest’ in a mix 12 pack, and I was none the wiser. I should probably pay more attention. At first glance I assumed it was just an Oktoberfest beer mixed in the pack. That’s my bad. I would never go out of my way to try a pumpkin beer, but since it was sitting there staring at me, I figured why not. This brewRead More

Coney Island Brewing ‘Hard Root Beer’

None of us knew what was really going on, if you sit back and think about it. We were just kind of oblivious, living our lives, drinking our beer. The hard truth is, we were unknowingly thrust into the middle of a battle, a battle of… “The Root Beer Wars”.(Insert awesome music here) Having already tried ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’, I was bound by duty to pick up Coney Island Brewing’s latest offering, ‘Hard Root Beer’. Truth be told, I actually picked up the 6-Pack for @CrazyKegs, I onlyRead More