*People are constantly asking what my favorite beer brewed in NJ is, so I figured it was about time I answered this question. Wait. You know what? I don’t think I’m gonna do that. Better yet, I’ll list my Top… Continue Reading


The Craft Beer Bust?

Are we looking at a “Craft Beer Bust” sometime in the near future? As far as conspiracy theories go, this probably isn’t one of them, it’s just something that I’ve thinking about for a while now. It seems new breweries… Continue Reading


Beer-Lebrity Autograph Session

Where: Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant Maple Shade, NJ @IronHillMS When: 5/20/17 4-6PM Cost: Up to the Beer-Lebrity Don’t miss your chance to meet the some of the coolest members of the #LegionOfBeer! They might even let you buy them… Continue Reading



Coming soon to the South Jersey area is… BLARP!!! You’re probably curious as to what BLARP actually is, but rest assured, you’re about to find out! BLARP stands for “Beer Live Action Role Playing”. Regular LARP is okay and all(eh),… Continue Reading


The Great Debate: 2016

You know what I don’t understand? I don’t understand why Politics bring out the worst in people. Everyone says that Trump insults everyone and makes mean and derogatory remarks to people, but these are the same people that will easily… Continue Reading


The Crazy Kegs Summer List

We here at Crazy Kegs love to try beer all year long.  Most seasons bring a beer theme and summer is no exception.  With longer, hotter days, a refreshing summer beer is much needed.  This doesn’t mean you have to… Continue Reading


Game On! (With Beer of Course)

There was a time that people played video games in the same room with each other. You read that correctly, THE SAME ROOM! Times have changed though, and game playing is all done online now, but every now and then… Continue Reading


Beer is Incredible!

Once upon a time, there was this dude named ‘The Incredible Hulk’. When Hulk wasn’t smashing things or fighting people, he enjoyed kicking back a few tasty beers.  So one night, Hulk was at the bar, and he was hammered… Continue Reading