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#50BeerChallenge “The Players”

New Holland ‘Mad Hatter’

I walked into the greatest craft beer store I’ve been to in a very long time. Aisles and aisles of selections. Now that we are doing the #50beerchallenge, I need to step up my game and start finding some different brews. Which, in turn, leads me to this, Mad Hatter. Not gonna lie, never heard of it before, but the label drew me in. It’s a niceĀ IPA. Has a nice bite. Good flavor. Very pleased I picked it up. I could see myself getting this again if I come acrossRead More

Twitter #50BeerChallenge

The Challenge The challenge, if you accept, is to drink a Beer from each State in the U.S. All 50. (Not all in one sitting, that’s just silly) Is there a brewery in all 50 States? We don’t know, but we’re assuming there is, because Beer is good. Requirements Pictures of said Beer are a must. If there isn’t a pic, it didn’t happen. Retroactive Beers do not count. (We’ll know. We always know…) Hashtag #50BeerChallenge and include @CrazyKegs or @TheStraightHops in your Tweet so we know to put theRead More