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I wanted to incorporate a beer review along with some discussion regarding Stone Brewing’s Enjoy By series.  This year will be the 5th anniversary of Enjoy By, the fresh hop double IPA that is only released several times per year with the expiration date usually falling on a holiday.  According to the label, the beer must be consumed within 37 days so that it can be enjoyed at a peak level.  Although Enjoy By started out as a straight double IPA, there have been a few variances to keep the consumer interested in the product.  These include Tangerine, Black, Chocolate & Coffee (only 2/14/17), and Unfiltered.

Given that Enjoy By is widely popular among craft beer drinkers, I’ve also picked up on some comments made by those who criticize the product.  Some feel that the 37-day freshness advertisement is purely a marketing ploy to increase sales.  I can honestly say that some retailers in my area will put Enjoy By on clearance after the expiration, while others will continue to sell at full price.  A few others believe Victory Brewing’s Harvest Ale is a much better product in comparison.  Although that may be a fair statement, Victory Brewing has stated that 2017 would be the final year of production of Harvest Ale.  Another concern is that the Enjoy By series is not distributed nationwide, but only to certain parts of the country.  In New Jersey, the 2/14/17 edition was not available for purchase, which meant a trip over to Pennsylvania was necessary.

As it relates to the current offering, Enjoy By 7/4/17 is an Unfiltered Double IPA that is very enjoyable, especially as we are going into the start of the Summer. Retailers have some difficulty keeping this product in stock due to its popularity.  One question I have for everyone, who drinks Enjoy By on the expiration date?


Enjoy By 7/4/17:  4.25 out of 5 Kegs


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