Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’

@CrazyKegs sent me a picture. No, not that kind of picture, that’s just wrong.
He sent me a pic of three beers and asked me if I had tried any of them yet. Right smack in the middle of his pic was a bottle of Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’.

I hadn’t come across this beer yet, but I knew I wanted it.
Now, I’m sure you’re thinking: “Was @CrazyKegs super awesome and pick some up for you?”
No. He was not super awesome that day. He just wanted to let me know he got it, like a jerk…
It’s cool though, I won’t hold it against him.
This time.


Lucky me, the next week I stopped at my local liquor store and they had a case that they just received. It was still on the floor, unopened, under a case of something else.
That didn’t stop me. I lifted that other case like I was muscular or something, and cracked open that box.
That’s right, I’m a rebel, they couldn’t stop me if they tried.
They didn’t actually care, but that’s not the point.

I was super excited to try this beer. I’ve been on what you might call, a “Stone Kick”, as of late. I’m pretty sure that’s the clinical term, but don’t quote me on that. Or, you can, that’s up to you.
Did I over-hype the taste of this beer in my head before trying?
No, I did not.
If anything, it’s even tastier than I could have imagined, and that’s saying something.
As soon as you pour this brew, you’re sense of smell is hit with what can only be described as, “Awesomeness”.
True to the label, it’s definitely a “Citrusy Wit”, so no false advertising there! This beer pops your taste buds with delight (You know, Citrus stuff), and keeps on giving.
At only 5.3%, it’s easy drinking enough to go all night.
Hell, or even all day, if that’s your thing…

The Straight Hops: A STRONG 4 out 5 Keg Rating


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