I decided after a couple of these yummy beers from Double Nickel (you need the beer for a clear head, duh), to rank the Spider-Man actors from the movies in order of their awesomeness.
The whole radioactive spider DNA thing did play a minor role in the thought process.
Get it? DNA…


#3- Tobey Maguire
When I saw the first movie featuring this guy as the beloved wallcrawler, I thought he pulled it off great! Well, besides the whole organic webbing thing, that was pretty annoying. That wasn’t his fault though, he didn’t write the script.
His second go round was pretty good, but by the third movie I was over him.
That scene where he was dancing didn’t help.

#2- Tom Holland
Tommy boy was awesome in Civil War!
Then there’s Spider-Man Homecoming.
I waited awhile to watch this one, and it was pretty good. Tom Holland is on point. He seems to actually have fun playing Peter Parker, and that’s awesome. He nails the goofiness we all know and love.
It’s not on him, but there was way too much Tony Stark/Iron Man screentime in this one, which drops him to #2.
Thankfully this is a fluid rating, so he could possibly move up to #1 after the next movie!
Or not, time will tell…

#1- Andrew Garfield
While not “nerdy” enough playing Parker for my liking, as far as I’m concerned,  he was outstanding with the banter in costume as Spider-Man. His performance was, by far, tops in all the movies thus far.
I would have liked to see him get a third movie, but the studio totally screwed up the Electro character in the second installment, and that’s crap. I’m not mad about not seeing the Paul Giamatti ‘Rhino’ though, that would have been awful.
Garfield was amazing in the scene where he couldn’t save Gwen. Just saying.


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