Small Town Brewery ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’


Now, this beer came out of nowhere.

In all honesty, a great concept.

It made people who aren’t even into beer go out searching for it.

Almost every liquor store in my area has signs out front stating they are all out of it.

Brilliant marketing.

The problem is, the beer isn’t really beer, and to a beer fan, it’s honestly not good.

If you enjoy drinking beer for the flavors and the hops, then you, like myself, won’t enjoy this very much.

It has a pretty high 5.9 ABV, which is actually impressive considering all you taste is root beer soda.

Was great to be able to try it, but not a beer I would want to drink again

It could easily make your stomach ache after 2.

But for all the non beer enthusiasts that enjoy drinking something that isn’t really beer tasting, this is it right here, they will love it.
Overall: I give it 2 outta 5 Kegs

Need something different every once in awhile to change things up, and this did just that.


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