Small Town Brewery ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’

Not Your Father's Root BeerHeading in to trying it, I wasn’t real sure what to expect with this beer.
I had just recently begun to see it pop up on Twitter etc., when I came across ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ at the liquor store.
Yes, our “Liquor” stores out this way carry everything in one stop.
Pretty convenient, actually.

On to the tasting!
Well, it poured pretty flat.
I mean, we all like a little head, right…
No matter, it was time for my first sip.
No way.
Is this for real?
It actually tasted like Root Beer.
If it didn’t say it was 5.9% abv, I wouldn’t have believed it.
‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ is definitely a dangerous brew.
Someone who doesn’t like “real” beer could down a sixer without a second thought.
I suppose I’ll have to try the 10% version of this brew next.
Probably not, though.

The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5 Keg Rating
It’s unique, and it works, but one was plenty in a lifetime.


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