Sierra Nevada ‘Summerfest 2015’

Beer ReviewSaw this, and immediately had to buy it.
I love lagers, and I also enjoy Sierra Nevada, so it was a win/win.
Sierra Nevada ‘Summerfest 2015’ is a weak lager.
If I had to compare it to another beer, I would say a Coors Light.
With maybe, and I stress maybe, a little more flavor.
It’s very bland, nothing stands out with it, and it is absolutely not worth the price I paid for a six pack.
But, with that being said, I still love Sierra Nevada.
This might be the only beer they brew that really let me down.
I will drink them, but most likely I will let my lady have the rest, it’s more up her alley.
Overall: I give it 1 outta 5 Kegs


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