Shebeen ‘Black Hop IPA’

shebeenblackhopipaReview By: @bucnwhiskey

I stumbled across this beer at a local grocery store and was immediately drawn to the brewery’s name. It reminded me of “shibby”, a phrase repeatedly uttered in the (only good if you’re far from sober) movie Dude Where’s My Car. So there I am in the store holding a can smiling proudly and saying “Shebeen”, likely mispronouncing the brewery to make it fit the “shibby” that Ashton Kutcher says in the movie. My girlfriend is giving me the obligatory head shake/eye roll combo that is typical of her when I say something that I find amusing in public. I couldn’t resist buying this once I saw it.
Silliness aside, I really enjoyed the Black Hop IPA. I should mention that Black IPA’s are right in my wheelhouse. I love the way The Malt flavor balances with the hoppy bitterness when done right, and this one does not disappoint in that regard. It was slightly smoky with a hint of dark chocolate. The 93 IBU’s were noticeable as a nice hop bitterness lingered (in a good way) after each sip. At 6.8 percent ABV, it’s just strong enough to get me into trouble considering how easy I found it to drink. I’m happy I found this one.

It’s a solid 3 Kegs out of 5, but more like 3.5 Kegs.


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