Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA

I tried this at beer fest a few months ago and the person pouring it barely knew what he was pouring, much less anything about it.  But I love hops, IPAs and Rogue so I gave it a go.  I immediately fell in love with it and put it on my list of beers to try later when I hadn’t had 20+ samples of various styles of beer.  It’s a long list.

I finally spied it at my favorite shop and had to contain my excitement because I’m pretty sure they already think I’m a weirdo.  (no comments from the peanut gallery)

Anyway, I picked up a bottle & was very pleased.  It’s obviously very hoppy, as it has 7 different hops, which are grown at Rogue Farms.  It’s not punch you in the face hoppy or too bitter, there’s citrus & pine notes which hit your nose before you even taste it.  There’s a bit of a malty taste to balance it all out.

This is definitely one that I would but again …and if you’re participating in the #50BeerChallenge, which you should be, you can get Oregon out of the way.


4 out of 5 Kegs

Jennifer Cassada

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