River Horse Hippo’s Hand Imperial IPA

As part of my first beer review, I decided on one of the most underrated double IPAs brewed in New Jersey.  It is called Hippo’s Hand and brewed by the River Horse (Ewing, NJ).  This New England-style IPA is loaded with citrus and comes in at 9% ABV.  Although most double IPAs are somewhat overpowering with hops, Hippo’s Hand surprisingly balances out the ratio of hops to citrus, which makes the beer one that is very refreshing.  In addition, Hippo’s Hand is a limited Winter release from River Horse, so craft beer fans will have something to look forward to when released.  If you do find this beer available at your favorite bar or liquor store, it is absolutely worth a try.


4.25 out of 5 Kegs


Long-time South Jersey resident who enjoys anything related to craft beer.

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