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Happy Labor Day Weekend!  This week, I want to discuss an article in which several bars and restaurants in New Jersey that are no longer serving any New Jersey-brewed beers.  It is titled “Bars Lash Out Vs. Craft Beers”, and written by Tara Nurin, who is known for her beverage-related articles seen in several media outlets.  The article talks about pending legislature allowing breweries not only to do away with tours before selling beer in their tasting room, but also to allow sales of packaged snacks.  Unfortunately, this has not been well-received by a few popular restaurants in Central and South Jersey, which led to the disappearance of any Jersey-brewed beers from the bar area.  These venues include Ott’s (Medford, Berlin, Washington Twp), Braddock’s Tavern (Medford), Dadz Bar & Grill (Lumberton) just to name a few.

My feelings are that these restaurants are only hurting themselves by taking this stance.  Any craft beer enthusiast would enjoy their favorite Jersey-brewed beer at any restaurant without having to sit in a brewery in which you would have to bring in your own food, order delivery, or hope that a food truck is outside the brewery.  As it relates to the three businesses named earlier, Ott’s in Berlin has a brewery (Berlin Brewing) roughly two miles from their location, while Braddock’s has two breweries (Lower Forge & Nale House) within a five-minute walk from their establishment.  In addition, Dadz also has two breweries (Spellbound & Village Idiot) within a five-minute drive.  The New Jersey Craft Beer Club (newjerseycraftbeer.com) has also removed any of those restaurants listed who are no longer serving New Jersey beer.

As a result, I have no interest patronizing those bars and restaurants who are part of the New Jersey beer boycott and hope that they realize more customers will spend money elsewhere as a result.  The link to the article can be found here:




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  1. Let’s not forget Blend Bar which is literally next door to the just opened Death Of The Fox Brewery and sponsor of Central Jersey Beer Fest

  2. Oh and also, I wonder how well this goes over with one of Jersey ‘s oldest breweries as Chuck OTT is a sales rep for Flying Fish….

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