Rainbows and Butterflies

There was a time when the World was a darker place than we know it as today.
That time wasn’t all that long ago, but things have changed, for the better.
You were a part of that darkness.
Don’t blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault.
It was all you knew.
Generation after generation kept the darkness alive and well.
We’ve all been guilty of perpetuating this madness at some point or another.
Even if some won’t admit that they have. (We’re talking about you, “Cool Guy”*)

But, just because your father is Darth Vader, doesn’t mean you have to join the Dark Side.
I mean, you can if you want, free will and all that jazz.
Don’t get me wrong, Vader was pretty awesome, but for this rant, the Dark Side is a bad thing.

Which finally brings us to the actual point of this.
About time, right?

With the massive selection of Craft Beer on the market these days, there’s pretty much no reason anyone should still be drinking the tasteless swill the big boy brewers push on us.
It’s not so much that their beer is always tasteless, sometimes the taste is just plain awful.
You’re a product of your environment though.
No one in your family drank beer for the taste, they drank it to get drunk, and that’s okay.
They didn’t know any better.
“Knowing Is Half The Battle”, a PSA provided by G.I. Joe.

But hey, we weren’t all raised with craft beer in our baby bottles, we had to find our own way, at our own pace.
Baby “sips”, if you will.
Once you discover the awesomeness of craft beer, you can never go back to drinking a Macro Brew, that’s just Science.

Drinking Craft Beer makes the world a better place, one beer at a time.


*We all know “Cool Guy”. He’s never seen a Macro Brew in his life. He’s the definition of Awesome, in his own mind.


I like beer. I drink beer. Sometimes, I even review beer. If I feel like it...

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