Price Gouging – Founders KBS

We are almost to Memorial Day 2017 and one of the most anticipated releases thus far has been Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS).  Therefore, retailers make it a point to limit the number of bottles sold to customers per visit (usually 1-2).  The 2017 version of KBS was sold not only in 12 ounce bottles, but 22 ounce bombers as well.  One of the things that I found interesting was how much some retailers marked up the price of KBS.  In South Jersey, the price points for the 12 ounce KBS started at $5.49 and went up to $9.99, while the 22 ounce bombers ranged anywhere from $21.99 to $29.99.

One experience I will share involved the higher end of both price points, which were sold by a small independent retailer.  After I inquired about the availability and price, I could not believe how much they were ripping people off. When I made the comparison of two 12 ounce bottles being cheaper than a 22 ounce bomber to one of the managers, he just simply shrugged his shoulders and I proceeded to leave the building with a certain degree of disbelief.  As a result, it is my opinion that those retailers who do not carry a large selection of craft beer (especially those who overcharge their customers) should be looked upon as a last resort when it comes to specialty releases such as KBS.


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