New Belgium ‘Heavy Melon’

New Belgium Brewing Company finally landed in my State (NJ) a couple months back.
This was pretty exciting stuff, as I’ve heard great things about their brews, I just hadn’t had the opportunity to try any before now.
@CrazyKegs and myself hit a launch event and tried one each of the four New Belgium beers they had on tap.
We were fans.
What wasn’t on tap was their ‘Heavy Melon’.
That’s okay, I probably wouldn’t have tried it that night anyway, I was feeling pretty good as it was already.
Well that, and brews like this one kinda scare me, they’re usually too sweet for my taste.
I decided if I came across a single of ‘Heavy Melon’ at some point I’d pick it up to try.


Fast forward a month or so and I never did see a single to grab, but I finally had an excuse to pick up a six pack.
Somehow, over the past few years, I’ve been designated as the: “Bring-beer-for-family-get-togethers-guy”.
I’d like to say it’s because of my awesome taste, but it’s probably more that they all like free beer.
This works for me though, I get to bring beer I want to try that won’t sit in my fridge forever if I don’t enjoy them.

New Belgium ‘Heavy Melon’ eh?
At only 5%, this brew is most likely meant to be enjoyed outside on a hot summer day.
It pours like you probably imagine it would. “Flat-like”.
You can definitely smell the melon, but for me, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.
I told you I was concerned about the sweetness, and sweet it was.
To say it was disgustingly sweet is an understatement. I only lasted 3 sips before I handed it off to my sister in law to drink. (She’ll drink anything that contains alcohol… #Lush)
Well that was that. I generally like to try 2 of any particular brew before I form an opinion, but if I couldn’t finish one, there was no way I was going back for another. That would just be silly.

The Straight Hops: 1 out of 5 Kegs
I’ll continue to partake in New Belgium’s other offerings, but they can keep this one.

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