Lagunitas ‘IPA’

lagipaI’ve had this fantastic beverage many times.
It’s a classic.
After all of the things I read involving them, it honestly just made me want to buy some.
It’s been awhile since I have had it, and man, I’m I glad I picked some up.
I almost forgot how delicious this brew is!
Phenomenal taste, goes down so smooth.
Actually, a little too smooth.
I can totally see myself drinking 3 or 4 of these babies tonight.
If you haven’t tried this, I’m not really sure what planet you live on, but I do highly suggest you go to your liquor store and get it!
If you’re a fan of IPAs, then this is a must try.

Overall: I give this a 5 out of 5 Keg Rating
It’s THAT good!
Now go get some!


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