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#jwagsapprovedABV; A beer containing at least 7% ABV. 
Latin derived from the Twitter handle @jwags48_jack.

Used in a sentence:

Beer Dork #1- “Did you have any of those #jwagsapprovedABV beers last night?”

Beer Dork #2- “Dude, I had three #jwagsapprovedABV brews last night, and I was on my ass!”

What’s your favorite #jwagsapprovedABV beer?

Tag @Crazykegs on Twitter with the hashtag #jwagsapprovedABV along with your beer pic to have it featured in this post.

Provide a little snippet in your Tweet why YOUR #jwagsapprovedABV beer is the best!


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  1. River horse triple is my favorite #jwagsapprovedABV brew a few of those and you might forget your name, well at least at the time for sure…

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