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Jersey Girl Brewing ‘Rake Breaker’

Someone once told me to drink local.
Okay, no one actually said that to me, but with all the breweries popping up in New Jersey it’s pretty easy to drink local these days.
I’ll be honest though, I didn’t know Jersey Girl Brewing existed until today. (I don’t get out much)

Truth be told, I wasn’t a fan of the cost at the liquor store, but I sucked it up to support a Jersey brewery.
‘Rake Breaker’ is a pretty good beer.
It’s a hazy IPA, New England Style I hear, which is what all the “cool kids” are drinking these days.
The 6.5% abv was nicely masked as well.
I did enjoy this brew, but at $18.99 a 4-pack, I probably won’t be buying all that often.

The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Kegs

*There was a recent price drop to $12.99.
Not an awful price, so I picked up Jersey Girl Brewing ‘Sun Kissed Citra’ to try.
Review soon? Maybe.

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