*People are constantly asking what my favorite beer brewed in NJ is, so I figured it was about time I answered this question.
You know what?
I don’t think I’m gonna do that.
Better yet, I’ll list my Top 5 Jersey beers, in random order! (I’ve excluded any #JerseyBeer I can’t remember drinking…)

I kinda sorta maybe quite possibly stole the featured pic from @CasaskullMark, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind…

No one knows.

Kane Head High IPA 6.5% 
This beer is ridiculously awesome. Everything about Kane ‘Head High IPA’ screams, “Drink me, I’m delicious!”.
It looks great, it smells great, and guess what?
It tastes great too!
Brewery Info: Kane Brewing Company

Double Nickel Session IPA 4.7% 
My favorite Session IPA out there today.
Bright and flavorful.
This beer isn’t meant to knock you on your ass, and that’s a good thing.
Enjoy these all night long, or all day, whatever you’re into.
Brewery Info: Double Nickel Brewing Company

Spellbound Pale Ale 5.5% 
Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a super bitter beer, and this pale ale does the trick.
Smooth and tasty, Spellbound brewed a nice beer here.
Knock back a couple, the 5.5% ABV won’t have you stumbling around like a fool.
Brewery Info: Spellbound Brewing

Forgotten Boardwalk Pocket Trick 8.5% 
This is by far my favorite beer from Forgotten Boardwalk.
Don’t let the 8.5% fool you with this Imperial IPA.
You can’t taste the high ABV, and that’s super dangerous, but super good!
Drink in moderation…
Brewery Info: Forgotten Boardwalk

Cape May Devil’s Reach 8.6% 
This beast of a beer is super yum.
You’ll down a few of these before you even know what happened.
The Devil got ya!
I would say proceed with caution, but you wouldn’t listen anyway…
Brewery Info: Cape May Brewing


Have a different opinion? Did I leave your favorite #JerseyBeer off the list?
I’d love to hear your thoughts, so go ahead and comment!



*By “people”, I mean absolutely no one…


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