Holy Crap! By Mispillion River Brewing Co


So they announced that Delaware’s Mispillion River Brewing Company was finally going to be available in New Jersey last week.  As per usual, I felt it my personal mission to get my hands on one (or 3 as the case may be) and welcome them to Jersey.

Holy Crap! is an Imperial Red Ale with a 9.0 ABV.  Besides having an awesome name and kick ass graphics, it’s also a really good beer.  I said it at first sip and I’ll say it again: Holy Crap!  It’s easy to drink and very well balanced.  You can feel the 9.0, it is definitely boozey,  but it doesn’t kick you in the rump.

I’ve been digging red ales lately and Imperials just make me happy in general. Holy Crap! is a tremendous representation of the style and a fabulous introduction to Mispillion River Brewing Company…plus it’s just fun to say.


Jennifer Cassada

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