Green Flash ‘Tangerine Soul Style IPA’

This is my first beer review, ever. Hopefully you find it interesting and informative, and most of all, I hope this review and others in the future motivate you to try some different kinds of beer. I will attempt to review a variety of brews, expanding my tastes and knowledge as well as yours. But in the end, I will tell you if it’s good. Nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day better than a cold, refreshing beer. More often than not, I choose IPA’s for this because overall, I find them to be the most refreshing. Will this IPA hit the spot after working outside all day? Let’s crack the top and find out! TangerineSoulStyleIPA

For my very first review, I’ll be taking a sip of Tangerine Soul Style IPA from Green Flash. Green Flash from San Diego is actually a new brewery to me, having only discovered their beer on the shelf during the #26BeerChallenge. They seem to have a great number of well received beers and I look forward to trying some others from their stable soon. This beer is an IPA sitting at 6.5% ABV and 75 IBU, so I expect it to be fairly drinkable.

Right out of the bottle it pours with little to no head and a cloudy appearance. The tangerine is only slightly perceptible as you stick your nose in the glass. TangerineSoulStyleIPA1

The beer is described as a refreshing tangerine paradise and it certainly lives up to that billing. First taste out of the glass yields more tangerine flavor than was evident when you smell it. I love citrus, but I don’t often like the sweetness that comes when you get a shandy or radler. This beer hits the sweet spot nicely. The tangerine sweetness just enough to take the bitter edge off the hops. This is a beer that I could drink a lot of and I certainly enjoyed the six pack I picked up at the store.

The only negative I could pick from this fine brew was the lack of effervescence. I find carbonation to add to experience of drinking a beer and I prefer some bubbles.

So not too bitter, not too sweet. Right in my wheelhouse and if you like citrus you should pick this one up off the shelf soon.

Solid 4 / 5 Kegs for this one. Pour on!


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  1. Great Review!
    I haven’t tried that beer yet, but I’ll be sure to look for it now!

    • Hey! Thanks a lot Jay! Definitely pick it up, very tasty and refreshing on a hot summer day!

  2. For your first review job well done green flash makes awesome brew look forward to reading more reviews in near future

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