free will brewing ‘lowercase ipa’

Beer ReviewSession beers are hot right now, as are Craft Brewers in general, and I’m a fan of both.
The low abv makes for a fantastic day of throwing a few back and not getting sloshed.
As with any craft beer, the sessions are hit and miss.
That brings us to free will Brewing, and their ‘lowercase ipa’.
This baby clocks in at a staggering low 4%, and I was excited to give it a go, with nothing else to do on sunny Saturday than kick back a few beers outside.

I had to wait awhile to completely pour the bottle, as the head on this was insane.
I know what you’re thinking: “bad pour, operator error”.
Well I’ll have you know, I’m a professional, even if it’s only in my own mind.
I went through three ‘lowercase ipa’ bottles like this before I gave up and switched to another beer for the day.
Honestly, I can’t even get into the taste, I’m sure it might be good, but getting past the annoyance of the massive head was a task in itself.

The Straight Hops: 1 out of 5 Keg Rating
I may or may not attempt this brew again in the future.
Hopefully it was just a bad batch.

Update: I was contacted through Twitter by @FreewillBrewing, and they let me know the lowercase ipa I tried was extremely old. I had no way of knowing this, as there wasn’t a date to be found anywhere on the bottles, but they said they were working on labeling their Beer in the future.


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