Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014

Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014

By Chris Anderson


Today I am going to review Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014. My last trip to Free Will Brewing Company was in November of 2015 with my good friend and boy did we have a grand time tasting some of the great lineup of brews that Free Will has to offer. After we were done tasting I picked up a few bottles to go. So finally last night, I dug out this gem of a beer to try. Snow Day Ale was fitting for this time of year as it is frigid in South Eastern Pennsylvania in February. The picture on the label is also fitting with a guy dressed up in winter gear holding a shovel. Snow Day Ale is a spontaneously fermented wild ale. This is a very complex beer and I enjoyed this nice and slow, soaking up all that it had to offer. It’s a sour ale that is unlike any that I have encountered before. At first taste you realize why, with a hint of guava, toasted oak, and vanilla. But what is really interesting is the caramel apple pie flavor. It sort of reminds you of having a piece of pie, or perhaps a cider that has that type of flavor but this a beer folks. It is a little sweet but a tad sour at the same time. Rich but smooth when it hits your tongue, and juicy when you lick your lips after each sip. This beer is perfect for a snowy day or even better when its freezing like this coming Presidents weekend is going to be. So it is the right thing to drink on a cold winter weekend in mid-February. Snuggle up with the one you love or ring them if they are not with you and enjoy some!

Free Will Brewing Company is located at  410 E Walnut St, Perkasie, PA 18944

Website: freewillbrewing.com or on Twitter: @FreewillBrewing

I give this brew a 4 out of 5 keg rating. Drink it up, this one’s for you!




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