Firestone Walker ‘Pivo’

Beer ReviewI’ve been slacking way too long on my alcohol intake.
I’ve hardly drank much over the past couple months. (Unless you count Wine, I’ve been a lush recently)
This is not acceptable.
So I figured on the way home from work tonight I would stop in and grab a 6 pack of something tasty.
Here lies this gem.
Now let me start off by saying, I’m usually not a huge fan of Pilsners, but they sucked me in with the “Hoppy Pils” on the label.
It’s pretty darn good, actually.
It’s not too strong, coming in at 5.3 abv, and goes down very nicely.
Pivo Pils has a slight “Hoppiness” at the end, which I enjoyed.
I have actually been very pleased with every Firestone Walker beverage that I’ve tried thus far, and I’m quite happy with the choice tonight.
Since it’s not too strong, I may partake in a few more before the evening is finished!
If I can stay awake, that is.

Overall: I give it a 3 out of 5 Keg Rating
It’s definitely a beer I would pick up again, but I think my lady would probably end up drinking them before I could. (She’s mean like that)


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