Evil Genius ‘Trick or Treat’

Who: Me
What: Evil Genius ‘Trick or Treat’ Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
When: 10/20/16
Where: Kings Grant Liquors
Why: I felt like it.
Price: $8.99 plus tax on a Six-Pack


Evil Genius Beer Company comes up with some awesome names for most of the beer they brew, with the exception of this one, which actually kind of surprises me. If you know Evil Genius, they could have done much better than ‘Trick or Treat’. But, it’s cool, I’ll give them a pass this time.
Anyway, when I saw their take on the pumpkin genre of beer, I had to give it a whirl.

I’m no fan of pumpkin beer, and I think it’s overproduced for no reason by every brewery in existence.
I wanted this one to change my mind, as these guys make some really good brews in general.
It didn’t.
“Trick or Treat’ was actually fairly bland, especially given that it’s a “Chocolate Pumpkin” Porter.
It’s super “thin” as well. Almost like this beer was cut down with water before bottling.
You can’t really taste the 7.8%, so that’s one positive here.
This brew is drinkable, but I wouldn’t tell you to rush out and get some.
It’s more “trick” than “treat”.

The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5 Kegs


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  1. well that was straight to the point most porters do taste plain unless they add vanilla bean into the mix and porters like stouts are meant to be drank a little warm.that is when all that hoppy goodness and coffee and chocolate flavors come thru.I suggest giving @ old Dominions oak stout porter a try it has awesome flavor i believe it is the way porters meant to be made cheers..

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