Einstok ‘Icelandic White Ale’

ckeinLet me first start off by saying, I am not a big white beer guy.
I’ve only really enjoyed maybe 2 other brands in the past, before I tried this one.
That being said, this is a delicious brew.
I wasn’t expecting too much out of it until I took my first sip.
It’s bursts with flavor.
After I finished, I actually wished I had another one to drink.
Unfortunately, I only had that one in the fridge.
Now I will be searching the store for another sixer of this fine beverage.
If you are a fan of whites and haven’t tried this, then I highly suggest you give it a try.
It will quickly make the top of your list.

Overall: I give it 4 out of 5 Kegs in the white category.

You DEFINITELY have to try this.


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