Dragons & Yum Yums

Living in the land of giant spider monsters isn’t easy.
They’re GIANT SPIDER MONSTERS, of course it wouldn’t be easy.

They always try to take your beer, and that sucks.
Well, there’s the stealing your beer, plus they want to eat you.
It’s a tough life, but at least the beer industry is still going strong.

I picked up Dogfish ‘Dragons & Yum Yums’, and had to navigate through YET ANOTHER Giant Spider Monster and human warzone, just to get home to my bunker.
It would be awesome if I had a real dragon, that’d show those Giant Spider Monsters who’s boss.

Safely home at last, I popped the cap off this beer to give it a try.
It was interesting, to say the least.
Fairly easy drinking, but a super sweet Pale Ale.
The 6.5% ABV is nice, as you won’t notice how strong this one is, but I can’t see myself drinking more than two.

My initial thought was 3 out of 5 Kegs, but I had to reevaluate that position, as I probably wouldn’t grab this beer again.

The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5 Kegs

I’ll take what’s left of this beer out on my next journey, hopefully, if I’m cornered by a Giant Spider Monster it will take the beer and leave me be.
If you don’t hear from me again, that plan didn’t work.


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