Devil Dancer Triple IPA Review by @DennyD1

“When you dance with the Devil, the Devil don’t change.  You do.”

P1030637For this review, I decided to go local.  As much as Founders Brewing Company is local, it’s all over the place!  I know many of you have sampled the staples; All Day IPA, Centennial IPA, Dirty Bastard and Red’s Rye.  For this review, I decided to focus on one of their limited releases: Devil Dancer!  Devil Dancer is the summer release from Founders.  Other releases in the limited series are Backwoods Bastard, Harvest Ale and (maybe you’ve heard of it) Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

P1030640Devil Dancer is a triple IPA weighing in at a whopping 112 IBU and 12% ABV.  This is NOT an understated brew!  It smashes your senses and demands attention at every sip!  Pouring into the glass you can see the great effervescence and smell alcohol floating off the top, even when cool.  Let it warm a bit and the booze and floral notes from the ten (!!) varieties of hops used to dry hop this beer reaches out of the glass and grabs you by the throat.  Don’t turn your back on it, because it surely has it’s eye on you!

P1030641This is a beer to be enjoyed slowly, and letting it warm a bit is the right move as the complex hoppy goodness is much more evident with it being a bit off cool.  It has a wonderful clear amber appearance and you can see the tiny bubbles floating to the top long after you’ve poured your glass lending to an incredible fullness when you’re drinking it down.  The hops are pretty well balanced with some malty sweetness making it seem just a bit thick which I’m not a fan of, definitely not in the summer months.  It makes me wish it were a winter release so I can enjoy the warmth the alcohol imparts as it slips down imparting a bit of low key bourbon burn.  You will surely be comfortably numb before your first glass is finished.


Overall I would give this a 4 Keg rating.  Great complexity, but surprisingly just a touch too sweet and boozy for me to give it a much higher rating.


Middle aged guy, from the midwest leading a mediocre life. Beer me away from it all!

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  1. I have had the pleasure of drinking it and its one of my favorites thanks for posting founders makes awesome brews..

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