Coronado Brewing ‘Mermaid’s Red’

Beer ReviewI’m not exactly into the “Reds”, or Amber Ales, however you like to refer to them.
Maybe it’s my fear of Gingers?
We’ll never know.
It’s generally just not a style of beer I’m apt to pick up, well, ever.

You know how it goes though:
1. You make Sausage & Peppers one time with Coronado Brewing Company’s ‘Orange Avenue Wit’.
2. It turns out fantastic.
3. Coronado’s Twitter Rep recommends their ‘Mermaid’s Red’ for homemade burgers.
4. You Tweet that if you ever see ‘Mermaid’s Red’ in the store, you’ll grab that beer.
5. You ACTUALLY come across said beer, and are required by Twitter Law to make the purchase. (It’s a thing)

Turns out, ‘Mermaid’s Red’ is pretty darn tasty.
I know, right, surprised me too!
This could possibly even help with that whole Ginger thing…
I’m not sure yet if I’m willing to share one with my burger mix, but we shall see.
If I do, I might even let you know how they turn out.

The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Keg Rating


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