Coronado Brewing Company Tap Takeover

I love a tap takeover.  It’s a good way to try a bunch of beers from the same brewery without having to actually go the brewery.  If you can, get yourself to one.  In my area, I keep up to date with these events through @CheersSJ (Kramer Beverage Company).  I saw this event coming up at Fins in Cape May and alerted my “crew”.   Coronado Brewing is across the country in California and the chances that I’ll make it to the brewery in the near future are slim to none, so this was pretty cool.  I’ve had a few of their brews, mostly at beer fest, but was super excited about this one because there were a bunch that sounded fabulous.



I know I went backwards, but I really was excited about the Stupid Stout (9.0% ABV, 42 IBU) which is a seasonal Imperial Stout and I needed to try it first. I wasn’t disappointed at all.  This beautiful beer arrived in front of me and I could smell the roasty toasty chocolate and coffee flavors that makes me love a good stout.  Those aromas carried on through to the taste. It made me think of a fancified coffee liqour cocktail in beer form. The stout was nice and thick and warmed me right up.  At 9.0% ABV, it was strong, but not so strong that you couldn’t have a few or switch to a different beer (which I obviously did) without any problem.  This is the kind of beer you want to sit by the fire with. 4.25/5 Kegs.



The Sting Ray IPA (7.9% ABV 48 IBU) couldn’t be any more different than my previous selection.  This Imperial IPA smells and tastes exactly like how they say it does and it does transport you to an island far away and I don’t mean a few miles away like Wildwood in the middle of winter.  The first thing you smell is a citrus, almost like they rubbed the rim with an orange peel and then popped in some peaches.  The flavor isn’t as hoppy as I thought it would have been with the different hops used, but instead it’s a great big juicy beer.  It would be a great summer sipper, just keep in mind the higher ABV.  Still, you can have a few and have your mind and taste buds in tact.  I like that this is an all year round beer because it will keep your mind off the cold in the winter and remind you why you love the summer.  4/5 Kegs



Idiot IPA (8.0% ABV 72 IBU) is an Imperial IPA that I tried once before in a bottle but was excited to have it on draft. The name is funny and reels you in, but it’s not a silly gimmick.  This is really what I think of when I think of a West Coast IPA.  It smells like tropical fruit, little bit of malt and hops..lots of hops.  I love hops, they make me happy. There’s 5 kinds of hops in here, including one of my favorites, Nugget.  You can really taste the different ones without it being too bitey. It’s a great balance of bitter and those great fruity notes you smelled earlier. There’s a bit of  I love how different hops bring flavors to a beer without actually adding that item,  it’s a very cool.  While the other IPA that I tried was juicy, this one was more dry and bitter.   4/5 Kegs

I sipped a few of my cohorts selections and there was not a bad one in the bunch.  I’m looking forward to trying more of Coronado Brewing Company’s offerings.  If you do, let me know and be sure to tag your pics with #mermaidsighting.

Grab your friends and grab a beer. Follow @CoronadoBrewing on Twitter or check them out at Coronadobrewing.com



Jennifer Cassada

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