Clown Shoes Beer ‘Muffin Top’

Beer ReviewI don’t drink Bombers too often.
They generally clock in at a higher ABV than I usually feel like messing around with on any particular evening.
So here we are with a 22 oz. Bomber of Clown Shoes Beer ‘Muffin Top’, a “Hoppy Belgian-Style Tripel Ale”, coming in at over 10%.
It’s okay though, it’s a special night, so I’m willing to get a little silly.
By special night, I mean I’m catching up on my DVR, and that’s pretty exciting. (I don’t have much going on.)

I was somewhat skeptical heading in to trying this beer, as I’m not a fan of Muffins, whether they’re Muffin Tops or Muffin Bottoms.
Turns out I like saying Muffins.
Try it, you’ll see, its kinda fun.

Well, much to my surprise, this brew was nothing like eating a Muffin!
I’m not going to lie, I kind of knew that, but at least I got to say Muffin again.
This beer is actually pretty tasty.
I didn’t even really notice how strong it was for the most part.
There was a slight, and I stress slight, hint of the alcohol in this after a sip.
I’d pick this up again.

The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Kegs
Get your Muffin on! (Boom. Got Muffin in again.)


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