Everyone loves a contest, especially when beer is involved!
Well, boy oh boy, do we have a quite a contest for you.

Breweries are popping up all over these days, so we thought: “Heck, let’s run a #CKTaproomChallenge! It’ll be fun, right?”

The Contest: Visit 7 Brewery Taprooms.

Easy peasy, right?
There’s a catch.
There’s always a catch, that’s just how life works.

To protect the integrity of the #CKTaproomChallenge, we’ve compiled a short list of requirements.

The Requirements:
1- Visit a brewery(not a bar, a brewery that only serves their own beer).
2- Grab a beer or a flight of beer.
3- Have a picture taken of yourself with said beer.
In the picture:
Something with the brewery name on it, preferably their sign or logo, but that’s flexible. 
A piece of paper with the date you’re there and #CKTaproomChallenge handwritten on the paper.
4- Tweet the picture and tag @CrazyKegs with the hashtag #CKTaproomChallenge.

Fun, right?

The first to complete the challenge wins(insert drumroll here):
A SUPER SWEET Crazy Kegs shirt.
A kiss from @Kenny_Leaf(This prize may be declined, and we fully expect it will be declined)

#CKTaproomChallenge Start Date: 4/6/18

Happy drinking and good luck! 

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