Boulevard ‘Saison-Brett 2015’

Saison-Brett 2015I have enjoyed most of the beers I’ve tried from Boulevard Brewing Company. (Which is quite a few, I’m not ashamed to admit…)
When I saw this last week, sitting on the shelf calling my name, it was a no-brainer to pick it up to try.
Then there was the whole, “When should I crack this open?”, thought that went through my mind.
A random Thursday night seemed a good a time as any, so…

I popped that cork!
Yeah, it’s a super fancy brew, in case you didn’t know. Maybe too fancy for someone such as myself. Shhh, keep that to yourself.

With the first sip I was hit with some spice. Shall we call it #PleasantSpice? We shall, to honor the Spice Girl who didn’t make the cut.
Now that #PleasantSpice is a thing, let’s move forward.
Saisons aren’t generally in my wheelhouse. I mean yeah, I look at them, but usually grab something else.
I’m glad I didn’t this time.
‘Saison-Brett 2015’ is super tasty. Tasty enough to go back and grab the remaining Bombers off the shelf?
You bet.
Even better, apparently they age well, so this guy is running out to get more of these.
Aren’t you?

The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Kegs


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