Boulevard ‘Mid-Coast IPA’

midcoastI went to this awesome Beer tasting event, and by event, I mean I picked up a couple mix 12 packs to try at home.
Let’s be honest, no one wants me out in public anyway.

It was a difficult choice, but I decided to crack open the Boulevard Brewing mix pack first.
Then there was the issue of which beer to try out of the pack.
I know, life’s tough, right?
I settled on one of their tasting room brews to start, Mid-Coast IPA.
I was even fond of the name, it’s like a jab at all the “West Coast IPA’s” out there, intentional or not.
It’s a tasty beer, and I recommend finding it while it still exists, as Mid-Coast IPA will be known as ‘Heavy Lifting’ moving forward.
I was assured by Boulevard Brewing it’s just as good, with a slight tweak to a higher ABV.

The Straight Hops: 4 out 5 Kegs
Mid-Coast IPA has the potential to convert even a hardcore (Insert crap beer name here) drinker into a craft beer lover.


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