Boulevard ‘Funky Pumpkin’

It’s pumpkin beer time!
I’ve not been a huge fan of pumpkin ales over the years, but I have found a few that I really enjoyed.
Seeing a spiced sour however was too much for me to pass up.
This Funky Pumpkin by Boulevard Brewing falls somewhere in the middle for me. The label does not lie. Funky is a good way to describe it. It’s not unlike other funky things I’ve been exposed to in the past. For example much like the funky chicken it’ll make you look twice, and much like Funky Cold Medina it will surprise you. Thankfully to a much lesser extent though, because as Tone Loc reveals at the end of the song, “Medina was a man.”
But I suppose if I’m going to call this a beer review I should say something about the beer.
The spice and sour did not mesh well at first for me, but by the end of the bottle I was starting to come around.
I bought a six pack, so I tried it again the following day, and by the end of the second one I wasn’t sorry I bought 6.
The pumpkin presence is neither overpowering nor sweet, which is what turned me off from several other pumpkin ales that I’ve tried. Also, the sour is subtle.
Even so, I’m not sure the combination will work for everyone. I’ll probably not buy this again, but I’m not disappointed that I tried it. The ABV is 5.8% so you can have a few and choose just how funky you want to get. After drinking 4 of the 6 I’m willing to go as high as 3 kegs for this one. Cheers.


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  1. great review Boulevard Brewing makes some awesome ales I have not tried this yet but after reading the review I am willing to give it a shot. for me the best way to enjoy pumpkin ale is let them warm up just a little that way all those awesome flavors pop..

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