Bottle Opener Giveaway!

Contest Has Ended! Thanks to all who entered/played.
The winners have been randomly chosen, so give a big congrats to: @foodtrekkie and @ml2370!
Enjoy your new bottle openers!

It’s your lucky Holiday weekend!
You’re all most likely going to have a few tasty beers in celebration anyway, so here’s your chance to win something for your efforts!
We’re running a short and sweet contest on Twitter to win an Awesome Custom engraved bottle opener made by @GotBeerOpener!

gotbeeropenerskull (1)

Contest starts from the time of this post and ends 9pm CST Monday, July 4th.

The Rules are pretty simple:
1. Take a picture of your beer and tag @CrazyKegs & @GotBeerOpener in your Tweet.
2. Hashtag #GotBeerOpener in your Tweet.
3. Win A bottle Opener.

Two winners will be chosen at random at the close of the contest!

You can check out more Handmade Bottle Openers Here: GotBeerOpener.Com

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