Bootleg Fireworks 3rd Edition

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I like big cans and I cannot lie!  Enter Baxter Brewing Companies tall boy can of Bootleg Fireworks. In case you’re not already on the #ShowUsYourCans bandwagon, you should know that cans are really like nanokegs and other than drinking it from a just tapped keg, it’s the best vessel for your beer.  Besides this, I just think that can graphics are better than bottle labels and the artwork on this one is pretty cool.

This is a Double IPA with loads of flavor.  According to the can, it’s brewed with too many hops to list, yet it’s not a hop bomb that blows up your taste buds.   When poured, you can immediately smell the fruits, malts and a bit of pine.  The flavor follows right through.   You start out with a little biscuity malt and then you are punched in the face with the tropical fruit flavors.  This is the kind of punch in the face that you want.  It’s not bitter, despite the fact that there’s 7 different hops.  It tastes like the beer version of that fruity cocktail with the umbrella that everyone loves to get on vacation.   It has an ABV of 9%, but there’s not an overpowering alcohol taste.  It’s a nice kick and you could enjoy a few without falling off your chair.

Bootleg fireworks are dangerous and this beer is dangerously delicious, so I give it  4.25/5 Kegs
If you get a chance, check out what happens on YouTube when someone buys the wrong type of bootleg fireworks: Bootleg Fireworks
NSFW unless you turn down the volume. Luckily there’s closed captioning.

Jennifer Cassada


    • I wish I had the other two, but this one was indeed tasty. I’ve been trying to get my hands on more Baxter Brewing.

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