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I love beer, I really do, but I also like just about every other alcoholic beverage.  I also love to drink beverages that come in cans.  Luckily, just about everything, from beer to wine and rum cocktails are being pushed out in cans.  I appreciate beer in cans because it’s like a nano keg and it’s super fresh and it’s also convenient, especially as a bus beverage.  I was picking up a six-pack of beer the other day and saw a little shelf in the cooler that had single Barefoot Wine Spritzers in 250ml cans.  This is something that I’ve seen in big bottles, but of course I was super excited when I saw something new in a can. They were only $1.99 per can there and I’ve seen them elsewhere for under $3.00.  I picked up the two flavors available, Summer Red and Crisp White.


If you’re thinking that a wine spritzer is a fancy name for a wine cooler, you’re wrong.  These aren’t the sticky sweet wine coolers that became popular in the 80s made with cheap, sweet wine.  Both of these are made with quality wines and have a 6.5% ABV so they’re a higher octane than wine coolers, but not as high as a regular glass of wine. The Summer Red is perfect for just that…summer. When the heat is on, it’s time to put away your big bold spicy red wines and go with something lighter. This one is made with Zinfandel, Moscato and Pino Noir, which are all full flavored but light bodied wines, the Zin and Moscato being the sweeter and the Pino the drier. With the berry and orange flavors and the tiny bubbles, this was a refreshing and tasty beverage that I definitely see myself having some more of this summer.  It would be good in many situations and would make a great “covered dish” for a party or a bring along for a BYOB. .  3.75/5 Kegs


I was heading out to Atlantic City, so I packed up the Crisp White and my WaWa cheese and pepperoni because I’m fancy like that and planned on a bus picnic.  Normally, I wouldn’t think of drinking wine out of the vessel it came in, but since it was a spritzer, I justified it and figured it would be ok, just this time.  It was fine for any time It’s made with Chenin Blanc and Riesling.  I like my wine dry, whether it’s white or red, but I do like the bit of sweetness that any white wine is bound to have.  I was worried that this would be super sweet, but my fears were foolish.  It actually was exactly what the label said it would be: crisp.  It was light and refreshing and I love the tiny bubbles.  That’s not to say it wasn’t sweet at all. It had the fruity flavors of melon, apple and peach and a bit of sweetness, but it was a nice balance.


Back home a few days later, I decided to be civilized and try it in a glass. This reminded me of the beach during the shoulder season…before/after all the tourists come in and take over the shore towns, make traffic horrendous and cause a ruckus. I enjoyed it in the privacy of my home, two blocks from the boardwalk, where I can see the giant ferris wheel and hear “Watch the tram car, please” while the smell from BBQ grills wafted through the windows.  I imagined myself sitting in my beach chair without a soul in sight, just like the previous week.  It was a perfect moment. 3.75/5 Kegs

Besides making tasty beverages, Barefoot Wine does something that the world should appreciate, but as a person who calls the beach her home, they do something that is near and dear to my heart. Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue is a program developed with the Surfrider Foundation that helps save the world’s beaches and coasts. They don’t just throw money at an organization, they put their “Barefeet” on the ground.

Grab a couple of these the next time you’re looking for something different and always remember to #ShowUsYourCans

Barefoot Spritzers Varietal Page Link

Jennifer Cassada


  1. Okay! Going to give these a try, didn’t know they existed…I think they sound perfect for a trip to the beach!!

  2. Definitely give them a try Denise! They’re very new & quite tasty!

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