Ballast Point ‘Habanero Sculpin IPA’

Beer Review Bet​Well let me first say, I love spicy stuff, but my body does not.
It is an inner battle that I deal with daily.

Now, on to the beer…
I would never really go out of my way to drink a beer like Ballast Point’s ‘Habanero Sculpin’, but being a man of my word, and owning up to a bet I lost against @TheStraightHops, I have to drink a 6 pack of this in one day.
















Now normally, a six pack of a beer in a day is no problem at all, but this is a special kinda beer.
A beer you don’t want to have 6 of in a 24 hour span.
Today is the day I’m finally taking on that lost bet.
I’m 3/4 of the way through my first beer, and it is giving me trouble.
The beer itself, when it goes down, doesn’t taste bad.
But the lingering burn it leaves in my throat and stomach are something else entirely.
Don’t fear, I WILL tackle this bet and succeed.
I can tell you this though, I will NEVER have another one of these again after I’m finished today.
It is not my style.
if you’re into the weird style of beers, you might like this.
Not so much.

Overall: I give it 1 outta 5 Kegs.
Just eat some spicy wings and wash it down with a good, quality tasting brew.
You’re better off.


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