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Hulk gives this beer a 3 out of 5 Keg Rating

The Grundy Factor

@jwags48_jack is sure to be disappointed, but sometimes I do actually enjoy drinking beer that’s not #jwagsapprovedABV. I know, I know, that’s blasphemy! It happens, though, and I’m not ashamed. Here’s the thing, when you’re hanging out with the likes of Solomon Grundy, it’s best to keep your wits about you. So your best bet is to stick with a lower ABV brew. That’s what the academic world calls: ‘The Grundy Factor’. For realz. You can look it up if you want, but it’s probably best if you don’t. This isRead More

Oktoberfest- Garden State Beer Company

Plans for Saturday, October 6th? If not, head to Garden State Beer Company! If you do have plans? Break them and head to Garden State Beer Company! We’ll make it easy for you, just throw this address in your internet thingy and it’ll take you right there! 247 East White Horse Pike, Galloway, New Jersey 08205 You’re sure to have a blast, eat some grub, and drink some yummy beer. If you’re super lucky, you may even have the opportunity to chat with the legend himself: @j_cohl. The festivities kickRead More


Everyone loves @badhopper, that’s just a fact of life. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is: Why am I not a member of the #BadHopperFanClub yet? The answer is, you probably didn’t know it existed! But fear not, we’re here to rectify the situation. To join the #BadHopperFanClub, with the low low low yearly membership fee of $419.88 which is payable in 12 monthly installments at $34.99 a month, click the link below. Upon payment, your “I Love @badhopper” shirt will be mailed to you within 7 toRead More

The Quest

The journey ahead was a perilous one indeed. Undaunted by the challenges we were sure to face, Big Bird jumped in his car, and we were off! Unknown to all but his closest friends, Big Bird was a master of Naginatajutsu. His skill wielding a naginata is the stuff of legend. I’d rather have no one else by my side on our quest. Well, maybe Kate Beckinsale, but that has nothing to do with this quest in particular… Our research had provided us clues to the whereabouts of our target,Read More

Wolverine’s Dinosaur

When Wolverine wants a pet, he goes hardcore. Puppy? No way. Cat? Cats are for suckers. A pet fish? Fish are for eating. It wasn’t easy, with the whole time travel thing and all, but he was able to get his very own pet dinosaur. Pretty cool, right? All the other mutants were like: “There’s no way Logan, you can’t do it.” Wolverine was like: “Watch this, bub.” So, what’s the best way to celebrate after such an accomplishment? With a beer, of course. Wolverine chose Yards IPA for suchRead More

Father’s Day 2018

To all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! But, what is Father’s Day, really? I mean, I get the whole point they needed to create another day to commercialize, and that’s fine. For me though, EVERY SINGLE DAY I get to spend with my little guy is the real Father’s Day. These past 21 months have been unreal. I’m his daddy and best friend, although the best friend part is probably due to a lack of options for him. I’m okay with that… I thank his mommy for givingRead More