Carton Brewing Regular Coffee

I’ve been slacking on the writing about beer. I’ve moved twice in the past 8 months and have been caught up in work, life etc.  However,  I have not been slacking on the drinking of beer and this is most… Continue Reading


The Crazy Kegs Summer List

We here at Crazy Kegs love to try beer all year long.  Most seasons bring a beer theme and summer is no exception.  With longer, hotter days, a refreshing summer beer is much needed.  This doesn’t mean you have to… Continue Reading


Bootleg Fireworks 3rd Edition

I like big cans and I cannot lie!  Enter Baxter Brewing Companies tall boy can of Bootleg Fireworks. In case you’re not already on the #ShowUsYourCans bandwagon, you should know that cans are really like nanokegs and other than drinking… Continue Reading


Coming soon: 7 Mile Brewery

New things, much less new breweries don’t come to the South Jersey shore very often, so when I first noticed the sign for an upcoming brewery, I could hardly contain my excitement.  I contacted the brewery earlier this year and… Continue Reading


Barefoot Refresh Spritzers

I love beer, I really do, but I also like just about every other alcoholic beverage.  I also love to drink beverages that come in cans.  Luckily, it’s just about summer time and everything from beer to wine and rum… Continue Reading


Bent Kettle Brewing

I got a nice package from my girl Donna, you might know her as @zappafaye on Twitter. In it were these 3 beers from Bent Kettle Brewing, a brewery that is making it’s mark in it’s home base of  Wisconsin.… Continue Reading


Atwater Brewery Tap Takeover

  Yep, that’s right, another fabulous Tap Takeover.  This time it’s Atwater Brewery out of Detroit, MI.  They’re brand spanking new to New Jersey and that means I need to try as many as I can as soon as I… Continue Reading


NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) vs PA (Evil Genius) Pt 2

Check out Part 1 here: Forgotten Boardwalk vs Evil Genius Part 1 After getting my New Jersey on, I decided to try a few from the Pennsylvania contender, Evil Genius.  They’re kind of known for their funky pop names like Purple… Continue Reading


NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) VS PA (Evil Genius) Part 1

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I reallllly like a tap takeover. It’s like a very specific teeny tiny beerfest but you don’t have to try everything (but you should try your best) and you remember it the next… Continue Reading