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Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a blast meeting you all!


The Challenge: The challenge, if you accept, is to drink 26 beers. Well, you didn’t think it would be that simple, did you? The twist is… This is a Brewery A-Z challenge. A Brewery name starting with each letter of the alphabet from A-Z, for a total of 26 different Breweries. So to clarify, the goal is to check-in ONE Brewery for EACH Letter from A-Z. That’s part of the “challenge”. Otherwise, it would be pretty easy to win, ya know? So what we’re saying is, so there’s no confusion, ifRead More

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

I can honestly say, when I first got into the world of “craft beer” quite a few years ago, Dogfish Head Brewery was the one that hooked me with their IPAs. I first tried the 60 minute, which is really good. Then I tried the 90 minute, which is even better. Then one day, a buddy of mine told me he found a bottle of Dogfish 120 minute IPA. It was $13 for a bottle, so he only picked up the one, never having tried it before. He brought itRead More

Boddingtons Pub Ale

As I was posting on Twitter about my new love for another beer that I’ll leave unnamed, someone recommended for me to try this one. He said Boddingtons Pub Ale is his “go to” beer. So, of course, in my next venture out to liquor store I picked up a 4 pack. The first time I tried it, I wasn’t able to determine much because I was silly and drank a very hoppy, delicious beer prior, so my taste buds were not able to recognize if it had any goodRead More

Two Roads Lil’ Heaven Session IPA

I have to start off by saying: I’ve been slacking. Very bad. My partner in crime, @TheStraightHops, has kept this ship sailing for quite a few months now without any help from me.  I’d like to thank @Essau1969 and @JenniferCassada for their great contributions/reviews to this site as well! No excuses, but I’ve been balls deep in prepping for my wedding next month, that I’ve had very little time to devote to the site. For that, I salute you @TheStraightHops, not once did you complain to me about my slacking.Read More

Firestone Walker ‘Pivo’

I’ve been slacking way too long on my alcohol intake. I’ve hardly drank much over the past couple months. (Unless you count Wine, I’ve been a lush recently) This is not acceptable. So I figured on the way home from work tonight I would stop in and grab a 6 pack of something tasty. Here lies this gem. Now let me start off by saying, I’m usually not a huge fan of Pilsners, but they sucked me in with the “Hoppy Pils” on the label. It’s pretty darn good, actually.Read More

Great Lakes ‘Sharpshooter Session Wheat IPA’

Great Lakes is a brewery that I have been a fan of for quite some time. They first sucked me in a few years ago, with their ‘Burning River Pale Ale’. I’ve been trying out all of their brews ever since that are available to me. Now, I generally don’t come across many different varieties from Great Lakes Brewing, besides their usual notables. Until last week, when @TheStraightHops and I attended a beer event in Absecon, NJ. We were told about a certain liquor store down the street we shouldRead More