Beer Dictionary #jwagsapprovedABV; A beer containing at least 7% ABV.  Latin derived from the Twitter handle @jwags48_jack. Used in a sentence: Beer Dork #1- “Did you have any of those #jwagsapprovedABV beers last night?” Beer Dork #2- “Dude, I had… Continue Reading


The Great Debate: 2016

You know what I don’t understand? I don’t understand why Politics bring out the worst in people. Everyone says that Trump insults everyone and makes mean and derogatory remarks to people, but these are the same people that will easily… Continue Reading


#ShowUsYourCans Contest Has Ended!

It’s your lucky week! We’re running a #ShowUsYourCans Crazy Kegs T-Shirt Giveaway! Unfortunately, by “cans”, we mean “Beer Cans”… The contest starts from the time of this post and ends at 11:59PM EST Sunday, August 14th. The Rules are pretty… Continue Reading