@mtravis63 is on a quest. A quest to drink a different beer every day in 2017.
We like the way he thinks. We’re sure you do as well!
We begged to keep track of @mtravis63‘s #365Quest,  and he finally relented, so make sure to follow him on Twitter as well as checking his progress here.
Okay, maybe “begged” wasn’t the right word.
We asked, and he said sure.

“May the Beer be with you @mtravis63

1/1/17- Uinta Brewing Kettle Soured Apricot IPA
1/2/17- Talisman Brewing Nut Brown Ale
1/3/17- Rush River Brewing Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
1/4/17- Lucky Bucket Brewing Jug Thumper Malty Brown Ale
1/5/17- Iron Goat Brewing The Impaler Imperial IPA
1/6/17- Capital Brewing Autumnal Fire
1/7/17- 2 Row Brewing Random Red Rye
1/8/17- Atwater Brewery Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale
1/9/17- Red Rock Brewing CoHOPeration India Rye Lager
1/10/17- Black Tooth Brewing Hot Streak IPA
1/11/17- Fish Brewing Leavenworth Blackbird Island Hopfenweizen
1/12/17- Brau Brothers Brewing Moo Joos Oatmeal Milk Stout
1/13/17- Shades of Pale Brewing Espresso Stout Coffee Beer
1/14/17- 2 Row Brewing Tastes Like Citrus IPA
1/15/17- Deschutes Beer Cinder Come Red Ale
1/16/17- Full Sail Brewing Papaya IPA
1/17/17- Molson Canadian 1908 Historic Pale Ale
1/18/17- BackPocket Brewing Wake Up Iowa Coffee Stout
1/19/17- New Belgium Tartastic
1/20/17- Talisman Brewing Milk Stout
1/21/17- Bell’s Brewery Double Cream Stout
1/22/17- 3 Floyd’s Brewing Blood of the Sunsets
1/23/17- Iron Horse Brewery Quilter’s Irish Death
1/24/17- Samuel Adams Hopscape
1/25/17- 2 Row Brewing Barrel Aged Dark Alley Imperial Stout
1/26/17- Zipline Brewing Oatmeal Porter
1/27/17- Tallgrass Beer Velvet Rooster Belgian Style Tripel
1/28/17- Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet Golden Oatmeal Stout w/Beets/Chocolate
1/29/17- Proper Brewing Co. Tripel Stamp
1/30/17- Biloxi Brewing Black Gold Coffee Stout
1/31/17- 3 Sheeps Brewing Cashmere Hammer Nitro Rye Stout
2/1/17- 450 North Brewing Citra Fest
2/2/17- North Peak Brewing Dark Chocolate Stout
2/3/17- Ballast Point Barmy
2/4/17- Melvin Brewing Citradamus IIPA
2/5/17- Rogue Ales Honey Kolsch
2/6/17- Furthermore Beer Black Cloud Black Belgian Style
2/7/17- Chandeleur Brewing Lil Smack IPA
2/8/17- 2 Row Brewing American Hefeweizen
2/9/17- Miller Genuine Draft
2/10/17- Brewery Ommegang Valar Dohaeris Belgian Tripel
2/11/17- Selkirk Abbey Chapel Witbier
2/12/17- Great Raft Beer At Arm’s Length IPL
2/13/17- Rogue Ales Fresh Roast
2/14/17- Mt. Begbie Brewing Darkside of the Stoke Coffee Stout
2/15/17- Epic Brewing Rio’s Rompin’ Rye
2/16/17- Lazy Magnolia Brewing Jeez Louise
2/17/17- 2 Row Brewing Random IPA (Mosiac)
2/18/17- Red Rock Brewing Nut Brown
2/19/17- Free State Beer Oatmeal Stout
2/20/17- New Belgium Voodoo Ranger
2/21/17- Crown Brewing The Dude White Russian Java Porter
2/22/17- Rubicon Brewing Hopsauce DIPA
2/23/17- Fisher Brewing Dark Cascadian
2/24/17- North Coast Brewing Scrimshaw
2/25/17- Stone Brewing Give Me IPA or Give Me Death
2/26/17- The Bruery Mischief Belgian Golden Ale
2/27/17- Moab Brewery Red Rye IPA
2/28/17- Sierra Nevada Golden IPA
3/1/17- Full Sail Brewing Session Black
3/2/17- Talisman Brewing Imperial Coffee Stout
3/3/17- North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
3/4/17- Stone Brewing Enjoy After 12.24.16 Brett IPA
3/5/17- Avery Brewing/Russian River Brewing Collaboration Not Litigation Ale
3/6/17- Moab Brewery Moab Especial Golden Wheat Ale
3/7/17- New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA
3/8/17- Uinta Brewing Season Pass Vanilla Porter
3/9/17- Modelo Negra Vienna
3/10/17- Roosters Brewing Mosiac SMaSH
3/11/17- Evil Twin Brewing 11.5% Lil’ B Imperial Porter
3/12/17- Shades of Pale Brewing IPA
3/13/17- Stone Brewing IPA
3/14/17- Surly Brewing Furious
3/15/17- 2 Row Brewing Hop Reload IPA
3/16/17- Red Rock Brewery Reve
3/17/17- Crown Brewing Crown Brown
3/18/17- Ballast Point California Amber ESB-Inspired Ale
3/19/17- 3 Floyd’s Brewing Ich habe Deesko Berliner Style Weisse
3/20/17- Samuel Smith’s Pure Brewed Organic Lager
3/21/17- Madison River Brewing Black Ghost Oatmeal Stout
3/22/17- Talisman Brewing Triple IPA
3/23/17- New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA
3/24/17- Rogue Ales Voodoo Doughnut Grape Guerrilla
3/25/17- Lagunitas Doppel Weizen
3/26/17- Anderson Valley Brewing Blood Orange Gose
3-27-17- Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA
3/28/17- Elysian Brewing Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout
3/29/17- Deschutes Brewery Red Chair NWPA Pale Ale
3/30/17- Uinta Brewing Cutthroat Winter Pale Ale
3/31/17- Uinta Brewing Hopscursion Brett IPA
4/1/17- Uinta Brewing Golden Ale
4/2/17- Shiner Wicked Ram IPA
4/3/17- @mtravis63 Homebrew with Citra
4/4/17- Toppling Goliath Brewing Smoove Opferator Brown Ale
4/5/17- Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale
4/6/17- Lost Coast Brewer Tangerine Wheat
4/7/17- Mikkeller Stacks of Haze
4/8/17- Drakes Brewing 1500 Dry Hopped Pale
4/9/17- Bartlett Brewery Dark Bullitt Porter
4/10/17- Anchor Brewing Blackberry Daze IPA
4/11/17- Russian River Brewing Pliny The Elder
4/12/17- Half Acre Beer Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
4/13/17- Half Acre Beer Gone Away IPA
4/14/17- Ex Novo Brewing Dynamic Duo IIPA
4/15/17- Upslope Brewing Brown Ale
4/16/17- Kern River Brewing Dirty Hippie
4/17/17- Horne Brewing Dark Matter
4/18/17- Talisman Brewing Home-brew Comp
4/19/17- Pinkus Deutschland Alt
4/20/17- Russian River Brewing Salvation
4/21/17- Roha Brewing Three Deep Brewing
4/22/17- Melvin Brewing 2×4 DIPA
4/23/17- Melvin Brewing Drunken Master IIPA
4/24/17- Proper Brewing Hop vs Hop Release 6
4/25/17- Melvin Brewing Asterisk DIPA
4/26/17- Alpine Beer Windows Up
4/27/17- Roha Brewing Thursday IPA
4/28/17- Gordon Biersch Brewing Hefeweizen
4/29/17- Sweetwater Brewing Hatchery Series IPA w/Mosaic
4/30/17- Brewery 85 “Flight”
5/1/17- The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Fat Boy Baltic Porter
5/2/17- Tool Beer Sur Simcoe Sour Session Pale Ale
5/3/17- Tool Beer Dryhopped Sour – Sur Mosiac
5/4/17- Roha Brewing Big Green Couch DIPA
5/5/17- Epic Brewing Los Locos Mexican Style Lager
5/6/17- Anchorage Brewing Calabeza Boreal Northward
5/7/17- Bohemian Brewery Lagerpalooza 2016 IPL
5/8/17- Thomas Creek Beer Honeysuckle Saison Ale
5/9/17- Tool Beer Sur Citra
5/10/17- Laughing Dog Brewing The Dogs of Helles
5/11/17- Shades of Pale Brewing St. Blackout Tripel
5/12/17- Melvin Brewing Hubert
5/13/17- Prairie Artisan Ales Americana, Dry-hopped Farmhouse
5/14/17- Roha Brewing Kensington Grand Saison
5/15/17- Melvin Brewing Killer Bees American Blonde Ale
5/16/17- Hoppers Grill and Brewing Hot Headed Redhead
5/17/17- D9 Brewing Cape Canaveral 14% Strong Sour Ale
5/18/17- Ninkasi Brewing Believer Double Red Ale
5/19/17- Elysian Bifrost Winter Ale
5/20/17- Elmer Brewing APA
5/21/17- Uinta Brewing 801 Pilsner
5/22/17- Shades of Pale Brewing Double Trouble
5/23/17- Melvin Brewing Lambda 3
5/24/17- Shades of Pale Misconception IPA
5/25/17- Uinta Brewing Cucumber Farmhouse
5/26/17- Firestone Walker Leo v Ursus: Fortem IIPA
5/27/17- Thomas Creek Beer Banana Split Chocolate Stout
5/28/17- New Belgium Citradelic
5/29/17- Upslope Brewing Imperial IPA
5/30/17- Selkirk Abbey Huckleberry Chapel
5/31/17- Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA
6/1/17- Dogfish 90 Minute IPA
6/2/17- Firestone Walker Stickee Monkey 2017
6/3/17- Mountain Brewers Beer Fest (Idaho Falls)
6/4/17- Ballast Point Orange Vanilla Fathom
6/5/17- Melvin Brewing Melvin
6/6/17- Goodwood Brewing Bourbon Barrel Stout
6/7/17- 2 Row Brewing Mikey’s Citra IPL
6/8/17- Kona Brewing Hanalei Island IPA
6/9/17- Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Nocturnem
6/10/17- Talisman Brewing Season Ale
6/11/17- Grimm Ales Berliner Passionfruit
6/12/17- Ballast Point Tongue Buckler
6/13/17- Dog Tag Brewing Legacy Lager
6/14/17- Surly Brewing Hell Lager
6/15/17- Roets Jordan Brewery Mocha
6/16/17- Clockwerks Brewing Equanaut IPA
6/17/17- Excelsior Brewing Bitteschlappe Brown
6/18/17- Insight Brewing Troll Way
6/19/17- Sierra Nevada German Style IPA
6/20/17- Bauhaus Brew Labs Sky-Five Midwest Coast IPA
6/21/17- 3 Floyds Gorch Foch
6/22/17- Talisman Brewing Killer Grove Blood Orange Honey Wheat
6/23/17- Lake Monster Brewing Empty Rowboat IPA
6/24/17- Sierra Nevada River Ryed
6/25/17- Toppling Goliath Double Dry Hop Pseudo Sue
6/26/17- Bad Weather Brewing Firefly Rye
6/27/17- Uinta Brewing Birthday Suit Sour Cherry Blonde
6/28/17- Lagunitas Brewing Lucky 13
6/29/17- Lost Coast Brewery Downtown Brown
6/30/17- Epic Brewing Copper Cone Pale Ale
7/1/17- Daytona IPA
7/2/17- Stone Enjoy By 7.4.17
7/3/17- Epic Brewing Imperial IPA
7/4/17- Cigar City Brewing Tampa Style Lager
7/5/17- Epic Brewing Brainless on Cherries
7/6/17- Base Camp Brewing S’More Stout
7/7/17- Proper Brewing Company Ostara IPA
7/8/17- Red Rock Brewery Zwickelbier
7/9/17- Kona Brewing Big Wave
7/10/17- Schlafly Summer Lager
7/11/17- Flying Dog Pearl Necklace
7/12/17- Dead Frog Brewery Udder Domination
7/13/17- SweetWater Brewing Dank Tank
7/14/17- Russell Brewing Timbertrain
7/15/17- Mother Earth Brew Triple IPA
7/16/17- 2 Row Brewing Are You Feelin’ Hazy
7/17/17- Epic Brewing Citralush
7/18/17- 4 Hands Brewing The Devil’s Invention
7/19/17- Talisman Brewing North East Style IPA
7/20/17- Cigar City Brewing Guayabera Citra Pale Ale
7/21/17- Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai aged on White Oak IPA
7/22/17- Coppertail Brewing Birthday Bomb
7/23/17- Magic Hat brewing #9
7/24/17- Cycle Brewing Crank IPA
7/25/17- Darwin Brewing Summadayze IPA
7/26/17- Swamp Head Brewery Big Nose IPA
7/27/17- M.I.A. Beer Company Mega Mix Pale Ale
7/28/17- Green Bench Brewing Sunshine City
7/29/17- Funky Buddha Brewing Hop Stimulator DIPA
7/30/17- Miami Brewing Vice IPA
7/31/17- Tomoka Brewery Twist of Cane DIPA
8/1/17- Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale
8/2/17- Talisman Brewing Gose
8/3/17- Mother Earth Brew Co. Resinator
8/4/17- Proper Brewing Co. Hop vs Hop
8/5/17- Honey Grail Boudica’s Uprising
8/6/17- Due South Brewing Category 5 IIPA
8/7/17- Pair O’ Dice Brewing Mo’ Guava
8/8/17- Stone Ripper Pale Ale
8/9/17- Terrapin Mosaic
8/10/17- Big Top Brew Co Conch Republic Key Lime Wheat
8/11/17- 4 Hands Brewing Single Speed
8/12/17- Epic Brewing Oak and Orchard
8/13/17- Quest Brewing Smoked Porter
8/14/17- SweetWater Brewing Happy Ending
8/15/17- Bell’s Brewery Porter
8/16-17- Robinsons Brewery Iron Maiden Trooper
8/17/17- Epic Brewing Double Skull
8/18/17- 18th Street Brewery Candy Crush
8/19/17- Heretic Brewing Alternate Current
8/20/17- Stone Jindia Pale Ale
8/21/17- 3 Floyd’s 25 Million Dollar Man
8/22/17- Sun King Brewing Osiris
8/23/17- 3 Floyd’s Lazer Snake
8/24/17- New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin
8/25/17- 3 Floyd’s Permanent Funeral
8/26/17- New Oberpfalz Brewing Hopwagen