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March, 2018


Sierra Nevada ‘Hazy Little Thing’

I saw this beer on the shelf, but I didn’t grab it at first, even though Sierra Nevada makes some terrific beer.  After a couple weeks, I finally did, obviously. Not the greatest from this brewery. It took me over an hour to finish this brew, with each new sip making me like it less and less. I couldn’t really describe the taste, but thankfully, @TomHerringbone on Twitter NAILED IT. THANK YOU!!! The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5 Kegs I wouldn’t grab again, but go ahead and get ifRead More

The Alcoholic Vampire Memoirs

Chapter 1: That Pesky Vampire Thing Hello, my name is Peter, and I’m an alcoholic. Also, I’m a vampire. A vampire who happens to be an alcoholic. There, I said it. I feel better now. I suppose I should start from the beginning? You’re probably curious as to how my relationship with the sweet nectar of beer began. Oh. It’s the whole vampire thing that intrigues you? That’s fine. We can start there. It was the summer of ’69. Oh, wait, Shit. I’m thinking of the song. I guess I’veRead More

‘Hoptastical Illusions IPA’

Move over ‘Pliny the Younger’, ‘Heady Topper’ and the like, there’s a new beer set to take over as “Most Sought After” Limited-Edition Beer in America. You read that correctly. ‘Hoptastical Illusions’ is set to be released from Lost Puppy Brewing Company in early June 2018. Lost Puppy has declared that this beer “will only be brewed once every three years”, and in limited quantities. Good luck getting your hands on this one. The early reviews on this brew have been outstanding, to say the least, as Lost Puppy hasRead More