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February, 2018



Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, I actually rather enjoyed going to a Beer Fest or two every year. That’s over now, as I’m suffering from #BeerFestFatigue. I know there are others out there with the same condition, although it’s not talked about much. Nowadays, there’s a different beer fest every week around here, and it’s just overkill. Yeah, beer is great and all, but what do you REALLY get out of a fest? Drunk, yes, you get drunk. That’s a given. The entire point isRead More

‘The House’ Movie Review

Bad. Just a bad movie. I’d love to say there were some redeeming qualities to this movie, but I can’t lie to you, not after all this trust we’ve built together! Even after a few beers this flick failed to make me chuckle. That’s right, not even once, and those beers were #jwagsjackapprovedABV. Supposedly, this was an all-star cast, but you won’t notice. Will Ferrell: Great in ‘Old School’, and I kinda wish he woulda stopped being in movies after that one. Amy Poehler(or is it Peohler? Who cares): IRead More

Adam Francois Memorial Fund

Donations greatly appreciated. For Donations: Adam Francois Memorial Fund

The Goblet of Fire/Vault Brewing

For some reason, @PinkPirateNinja is on a Harry Potter kick recently, but it’s fine. I actually blame HBO. They just HAD to have all the movies available to stream, so we’re watching them in order. I vaguely remember the first one, so the experience hasn’t been too awful. Plus, you know, beer. For the third film, The Goblet of Fire, I chose a nice and light 8% beer from Vault Brewing. I chose wisely. Their Mosaic Imperial IPA helped me get through this one. Not that it was a badRead More

Breaking Beer News!

This breaking news¬†story was first reported by @jwags48_jack on Twitter. He’s the “Beer guy on the street.” Sometimes he can be found lying in the street, it all depends on the night prior.¬† Details to follow!